why infuse?

Custom-made infusions are an amazing way to bring new flavor to your food and drink. Whether it's spirits, vinegar, or cooking oil, you can super-charge them with flavor from natural ingredients faster than ever before with Infuzi ultrasonic infusers. What use to take days or weeks can be done in just hours!

Infused Cocktails

cocktails infused with attitude...

Infusing is how all the best drinks are made. From wine and whiskey aged in oak barrels to gin flavored with juniper and angelica, they are all just infusions. And nothing enhances the flavor of a cocktail like a quality infused spirit. That’s why most professional mixologist make their own infusions. Normally the process takes a really long time. But the results are so good that people have been infusing alcohol for thousands of years, despite the wait. But now with the Infuzi Brio, the process is now quick and easy.