frequently asked questions

The length of the process depends on what you are infusing, because some ingredients infuse faster than others. Cirtrus fruits and certain spices, like cinnamon, will infuse quickly while things like berries and nuts will infuse more slowly. But using Infuzi products the typical infusion time is between 1-5 hours, instead of days or weeks like traditional infusion methods. All our products come with our exclusive infusion guide and lots of excellent recipes.
We have optimized Infuzi products to infuse alcohol, vinegar, and oil, which traditionally take a lot longer to infuse than water or coffee. But yes, you can use Infuzi products to speed up the process of infusing water or coffee too. The ultrasonic waves will purge oxygen from the water. Before drinking, you will want to aerate the infused water or coffee with an aeration funnel.
Infuzi products are very safe. They simply use sound waves in a totally new and unique way to speed up the infusion process.
The infusion container is made of high quality materials and is completely dishwasher safe. The infusion base is splash resistant and can be cleaned effectively with a damp towel.