meet the brio...

The Infuzi Brio is a revolutionary new infuser for making custom-flavored spirits and infused vinegars faster than ever before. What use to take days or even weeks can now be done in just hours, giving you the power to express your creative tastes like never before.

Whether it’s a cucumber, mint, and lime infused martini or your own lemon, rosemary and garlic vinegar, the Infuzi Brio makes it easy. So go ahead... Experiment, explore, maybe even show-off a little.

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Infused Cocktails

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make amazing cocktails

Everyone loves a great drink. But making a tasty cocktail at home can be hard; there are usually so many fancy mixers and ingredients involved! What if you could just pour your own custom-flavored spirit over ice, maybe add a splash of soda, and bingo - an awesome cocktail?! We have your solution...

With the Brio, you can infuse the flavor of fruits, herbs, and spices and into your spirit of choice. It works perfectly with vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey... basically any spirit.

In blind taste tests, the results were clear. People overwhelmingly prefer the taste of a cocktail made with infused spirits from the Infuzi Brio. Just like a craft beer infused with special hops or an aged wine infused with flavor from an oak barrels, infused spirits make cocktails more interesting and complex.

Whiskey in glass

transform your whiskey...

Whiskey can be dramatically improved by infusion. When whiskey is aged in barrels for 10 years or more, the oak not only enhances the flavor but also reduces the levels of Methoxy-Phenyl-Oxime (found in mouse feces - yikes!) and Acetaldehyde (responsible for hangovers). You can similarly improve whiskey in just hours by infusing it with oak chips using the Infuzi Brio. Plus, you can add other ingredients to help augment or enhance the flavor, such as anise, pecans, or even mushrooms. Go ahead... try it! You just might surprise yourself.

Whiskey in glass

give vinegar a kick...

Infused vinegar is a perfect way to add new flavor to your favorite recipe without adding salt, sugar, or fat. No preservatives, no artifical ingredients, just pure flavor. Whether it's a salad dressing, dip, glaze, or sauce, infused vinegar is a perfect substitute for lemon or lime juice, plain vinegar, or wine in any recipe.

Whiskey in glass

infused oil coming soon...

We are putting the final touches on our oil infuser now, which combines both gentle heat and ultrasonic sound waves to quickly and effectively infuse new flavor into your oil.

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sharing our secrets...

The Infuzi Brio uses sound waves from our patent-pending ultrasonic technology to mix your favorite ingredients into your spirit or vinegar fast, bringing all new flavors to your food and drink experience. It’s super simple to use and produces amazing results.

We've spent hundreds of hours developing amazing recipes. We include all these recipes with the Brio in our Infusion Guide and Recipe book. It includes detailed information on how to get the best results and dozens of tasty recipes.